September 1, 2016

Thank you, Peter Foster from Australia for crediting me with your dance choreography.  Can't wait to try it!



Peter Foster - 2 July 2013


Level: Easy-Medium


A1(8)  Moving left to a new couple, circle left 3/4

   (8)  Swing neighbour, finish facing down in a line of 4


A2(8)  Go down the hall, middles turn under to make a cozy line

   (8)  Return, middles duck under to make a cloverleaf


B1(4)  Balance in the cloverleaf

   (4)  Unwind to an outward facing circle (just turning on the spot, do not let go of hands)

   (8)  Circle 3/4 anticlockwise (follow your left hand)


B2(16) Swing partner (feel free to twirl into this swing)


Monophobia is the fear of being alone - in this dance you are never alone, you are always in contact with someone


Based on Fuzzy Cozy by Linda Mrosko and others



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