July 24, 2016

Contra dances

-    Dances for non-dancers (beginners)

-    Dances for intermediate dancers

-    Dances for experienced dancers

-    Traditional and modern contras


You line up in one line of dancers and your partner lines up

in another line of dancers and you face each other.  Then I

teach you and your partner a set of figures that you and

your partner dance with another couple, then you progress

to another couple and do the same figures with them, then

you progress to another couple and do the same set of figures

with them.     


Square Dances

-    Old time traditional and singing, not club-style


Barn Dances

-    Dancing with your friends, not your head


Very easy, fun dances in all kinds of formations


English Country Dances

-    Medieval, Renaissance, Playford, Regency,

       Victorian, Modern

-    Dances for pickle faces (. . .What?)



-    English, Scottisch, and Irish dances


Australian Bush Dances

-    Euro/American/Australian barn dances


Big Circle/Smooth Mountain

Southern Appalachian  mountain dance heritage; a combination of round and square dance figures


Body Percussion/Body Rhythms

Rhythmic stomping and clapping patterns

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